clinic equipment

X-ray equipment

Introducing the Finnish National Treasure ”Planmeca ProMax CT”. X-ray examination is the most important tool for the diagnosis of dental diseases; computerised tomography is irreplaceable for the planning of treatment. It has a reduced radiation exposure all while keeping pin point accuracy meaning its safer and more efficient for the patients.

Treatment chair

Introducing Morita, the oldest manufacturer of therapeutic chairs in Japan. Comfortable and safe, it can immediately stop the chair movement and protect the patient. The phone has high torque and reduces treatment time.


Introducing the German Karl Kaps microscope. Kaps microscopes have been around for 80 years. All microsurgeries are performed using this microscope. With 20x magnification it allows the doctor to perform the surgery with minimal invasiveness.


Protecting our patients is our number one priority. A lot of planning and preparation goes into the sterilisation of our equipment. The disinfection area is one way only, dirty in - clean out! This along with two large state of the art sterilisation pots ensures our equipment is fully prepped and safe for use. We do a lot behind the scenes to ensure the safety of our patients such as sterilsation, water and air quality because we really care about it!

Air system

In the dental environment, the act of drilling and cleaning teeth causes a lot of dust and droplets to flow into the air. This makes the air quality quite bad. To combat this each chair is equipped with a large mouth vacuum cleaner. When any action is performed that will create residue it is easily sucked through the vacuum passing through three separate filters before being discharged into the outside air. The clinic purchases E SUN air purifiers, which claims to have one of the best filter systems available, and thus the air in the clinic is of a higher quality than that outside.

Water System

In keeping with going above the standard we have introduced the Budweiser Ozone Machine. After a period of time the traditional water systems will form a biofilm in the pipeline, causing water pollution. This system however circulates every 8 hours for pipeline disinfection. Then we use the ozone machine to perform an ozone depletion 30 minutes before the opening of the clinic to ensure that each effluent is clean and non-polluting. Also, an inspection is carried out to control the quality of water every season.

Operating Theatre

Our operating theatre is comparable to a hospital’s. There is a front brushing table, surgical lights and an independent water system. UV lamps are installed around the room to ensure it’s free from contamination. There is also a warm, comfortable recovery room which provides our patients with a relaxing experience.


Let dental treatment be like a dream! We use the TCI (TARGET CONTROL INFUSION) system which is a multi-purpose physiological monitor. It works according to your height, weight, age and other reference values, and alongside the vital sign monitoring system it ensures you are as safe as possible when under anaesthetic.

Cost huge sums of money to create a five-star medical environment.

Focus on every detail.

digital dental implant center

Digital Surgical Guide

The dental implant guide is made by superimposing the patient's computed tomography image, 3D surgery simulation and oral model together. This guide is then used to accurately position the implant during surgery. This helps to reduce the risk and time spent in the surgery.

3D Surgical Guidance

The 3D surgical guidance system uses pin point accuracy which knows the precise location of the bone drill at all times. This allows for quick and accurate implant positioning further reducing the risk and time spent in surgery.

Digital Oral Scan

With digital image overlay technology, a 3D image of the tooth structure can be created without the need for traditional film taking. The patient no longer has to endure the pain of the film for new dentures to be created. It has been a revolution in dentistry.

Digital denture CAD/CAM Production

Using CNC machining methods and digital images, the dentures designed and made by the computer are highly accurate and durable.

Digital 3D printing

Using a computerized tomography or dental scanner, and the INTEWARE stereoscopic 3D printer developed by National Chung Cheng University, the patient's bone ridge condition is scanned and then printed. This helps the doctor to determine the size of the bone and the position of the implants before surgery .