zygoma Implant Center
zygoma Implant Center

Cambridge Oral and Dental Surgery strongly believes only through unreservely sharing and scientific researching the success rate be summit. In order to help these patients in need of zygomatic implants and live in a healthier life, we design a thorough course for the doctors to elevate the professionalism and collaborate to gain further insights and techniques.  






透過 3D 模型了解患者口內狀況並且規劃及模擬手術狀況,以更高的成功率去完成每一項案例。

" Our focus is on the students being able to not only place the zygoma implant but also, more importantly, do it right"   

Dr. David WK Hsu

  • Learn the most evidenced technique 
  • Secure the long-term success of zygoma implants
  • Stand out by the zygoma implant techniques
  • Upgrade your professionalism
zygoma Implant Center